Angel Investors in Mumbai

Silicon Angel Investors Network are individuals who invest in start-ups and early stage companies using a high-risk, high-return matrix. The majority of start-ups fail within the first five years of their operations. This makes the job of an angel investor even more invaluable. Apart from investing funds, most angels provide proactive advice, industry connections, and mentoring to founders. Our goal is to create great companies by providing value creation, while simultaneously helping investors realize a high return on investment.

Most angel investors are business owners or high net worth individuals who have the knowledge, experience, connections and funds that help start-ups match up to industry standards. More than the funds, it is the guidance and mentorship of the angels helps a start-up in its early days.

Some of the investor networks in Mumbai are: IAN, Mumbai Angels, Mumbai angel investors, CIO Angel network, Lead angels, unicorn India Ventures and many more….

The 8 Most Prominent Angel Investors In India:

1. Rajan Anandan is a MIT and Stanford educated managing director of Google India who resides in Bengaluru.

2. Sunil Kalra has been investing in startups since 2002. currently his portfolio of 50 startups is spread across technology, education, healthcare, logistics, mobile and e-commerce sectors.

3. Anupam Gopal Mittal is known for bringing a revolution in arranged marriage market through his offering

4. Sanjay Mehta started investing in startups about four years ago. OYO Rooms, Pretty Secrets,, Talview, Orange Scape and Fab Alley are the prominent names in his impressive portfolio of more than 60 startups.

5. T.V.Mohandas Pai is a prolific angel investor, whose influence extends beyond startups. An outspoken commentator on civic issues, he was a member of the Union Finance Ministry’s Kelkar Committee for reforming direct taxes.

6. Anand Ladsariya is the founder of chemicals maker, Everest Flavours. As an ex-Chairman of CHEMEXCIL.

7. Zishaan Hayath is the youngest name on this list. He started his investment journey in 2011 with an investment in Ola Cabs. His portfolio consists of more than 30 startups.

8. Rajesh Sawhney is the founder of GSF, a leading multi-city seed accelerator for the brightest tech startups in India. He is also the founder of food tech startup Innerchef and has a portfolio of more than 35 startups

Source: Forbes