Privacy Policy

This security explanation is liable to change without notice to you, the client. If you don’t mind read this announcement each time you visit the site with the goal that you will be completely educated of the protection approaches and methodology of Silicon Investor.


The reason for this protection explanation is to illuminate you, the User of this Site, of the methods and practices used by Silicon Angel Investor and to keep your own data private once you get to this Site. Silicon Angel Investor trusts that your protection is essential. By getting to this site, you, the client, are giving your agree and endorsement to the security practices and systems of Silicon Angel Investor.


For measurable purposes, Silicon Angel Investor gathers certain quantitative data about every User, so as to investigate, enhance and modify our Site Content and with a specific end goal to make our Site more receptive to the User’s needs and utilize. Silicon Angel Investor may gather certain by and by identifiable data about every User by utilizing treats. A treat or little record might be set on the User’s program to spare helpful data about the User’s utilization and visit to Silicon Angel Investor Site. Cases of such gathered data may incorporate the home server of guests however not the names or addresses of the Users. Silicon Angel Investor does not offer, lease, or generally give any by and by identifiable data about you to any outsider. Silicon Angel Investor won’t purposely unveil data gathered about every User, to parties not associated with it except if required to do as such by law.


Our protection proclamation just tends to the utilization and revelation of data that Silicon Angel Investor may gather from you. In any case, you ought to know that people not related or associated with us, may take part in unapproved hones with the motivation behind getting your own data. Albeit Silicon Angel Investor debilitates this sort of action however we can’t ensure that it won’t happen. The Internet can go up against its very own existence and in this way, Silicon Angel Investor can’t ensure against coincidental or unconscious exposures of data about you, the User, to others. To the degree allowed by law, Silicon Angel Investor renounces all obligation for any incidental exposures.